DO Something

Our country’s values are making me sad.  More sad each week as news arrives of yet another black victim in the hands of a police officer.

I have spent much of the day reading social media as I never have before: reading articles, watching videos, and reflecting on the reflections of my friends, colleagues and acquaintances on Facebook.  Posting, reposting, reading and writing are all expressions of emotion, but I urge us, especially those of us who are white to make a promise to DO SOMETHING.  We have the privilege of choosing whether or not to speak up.  DO SOMETHING.

I have compiled the articles I have come across today which have been posted by those whose opinions I greatly admire and respect. While I haven’t yet read all of these articles, I found each through someone who always pushes me to think more deeply.  I plan to add to this list in the coming week and will repost this list again.  Please share additional links here in the comments, on my Facebook, or Twitter accounts and  I will add them to this list and read them myself.  This is barely a something in the act of “DO SOMETHING” but having these in 1 place will hopefully give me and others a source of reflection and information to share with others.  Click here for a beginning of a list on articles being circulated on social media.

If you are white, like me, promise yourself you will do something.

My promises today are:

  • Have ongoing conversation with my sons about their role as white boys in being allies for people of color and speaking up for and documenting injustice when they see it.
  • Continually donating money to organizations which are supporting social justice and individuals who have suffered from racist acts of violence.
  • Get involved in local campaigns to ensure that police oversight and community policing is a priority for our elected officials.
  • Get involved in national organizations that are pushing for bringing justice to police officers who have committed racial acts of violence.
  • Talk about these issues.  In person.  Not simply over social media.
  • Not remain silent when I hear white people I know making racist assumptions or unknowingly denying their white privilege.
  • Think deeply about how to ensure that my work in the public schools is focused on issues of social justice and helping empower students to know how to advocate for themselves and speak up for and document injustices when they occur.

Many today have shared their feelings far more eloquently than I can.  Writing my emotions is not something I do well.  Speaking and listening is far easier for me.  But I need to move on from reading social media and actually take action.

One thought on “DO Something

  1. Thank you for sharing this.
    It has pushed me one step further to search for more ways that I, too, can DO something.


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