Everyday Elegance

I happened upon this video today, posted by photographer Jimmy Chin.  Apparently The Atlantic has a multimedia experiments series which you can (and I just did) subscribe to.

It’s peaceful, gorgeous , meditative and mesmerizing and both Egan and I watched it in silence several times. Which is a pretty strong statement about the power of this video as if you know Egan you know that he’s virtually never silent. Click here to view the video

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 9.21.17 PM
Around our third viewing, I noticed that Egan was tracing the path of each animal as it moved across the screen.  His lone finger looping around in rhythm with the water striders, ants and birds.  It reminded me of my calculus teacher, Mr. Benson, who used Mathematica to trace sine waves with points traveling around the unit circle…but I digress.  And I wanted to share an ounce of this coolness with Egan, who is 6, not 16.

So we looked at this snowman which I had recently drawn as part of a workshop for 5th grade math teachers. But really, before reading another word, you need to click on the snowman below to get the full effect of the 5th-grade-fully-standards-based falling snow.

And we played with the speed of the snowballs, to see how when they move slowly they look like snowballs and when you speed them up to 20x, they look like streaking hail (or ‘destroyer bullets’ if you are my 6-year-old son) and then, when I found him on the floor wrestling with the dog as I played with the varying speeds of my snowballs, I realized it was time to watch the bird video together one last time to bring back a bit of peace and quiet before bed.


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